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There´s a story to every song...
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1.) The night that music saved my life:

Electrifying sounds on the radio changed my life for good

2.) Somewhere in your eyes:

A tribute to one of my all-time heroes - George Harrison

3.) After all this time:

The first song I wrote after a long long time - exciting to watch it grow!

4.) Just a heartbeat away:

We may not always see it - but everthing is here all the time

5.) (For the Love of) Flying:

No words - just power, joy and passion!

6.) Wind so cold:

A song for the soldiers in WW I - written on the battlefields of Ypers

7.) (Coming Home to) Liverpool:

After a long weekend in Liverpool this one came out quite easily

8.) Close to the water:

It´s all about true emotions and finding our where you belong

9.) Days go down:

A song about getting older and the love for my family

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